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Welcome to Ya Batho. We are a mining technology company with a focus on communication systems for both the underground hard rock and coal mine industries. We strive to build and develop technology solutions which will not only make the underground environment a safer work place but also a more productive work place for all.

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With our exposure to various mines on the continent, we believe we can be of assistance to you. Having worked on mines in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo we have been asked to advise on many different problems and solutions. We know and believe we understand what is needed underground in a mine to successfully communicate and get real-time information to surface.

 Communication Solutions

Two way communication in an underground mine is a fundamental element of productivity and safety.

Ya Batho communication and data systems offer clarity of communication and high speed data transfer capabilities from the mine surface to the underground levels of your mine.

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 Real Time Location Systems

Ya Batho’s partnership with Quuppa is changing the landscape in large area operations with the ability to track and locate personal and equipment with this portable and lightweight solution.

Increasing the safety of personnel in the mining and construction industries.

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