M-Cube AP/Hotspot/Repeater

Ya Batho’ M-Cube AP/Hotspot/Repeater is designed to support 802.11ac and 1GB fast Ethernet for high-power access point, hotspot and repeater applications. The simplicity of use of the M-Cube platform allows operators to bring networking services to their customers. The M-Cube platform is available in single or dual radio configuration, support MIMO 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz Combination radio cards.

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Mobile Computing

M-Tab Android Tablet 8W and 10W

Through the ever popular Android Operating System, mining companies are now able to bring their business applications into the section and up to the work face, thereby staying informed and in a position to make proactive decisions. These come in various models, Android and Windows based options.

Download Specifications Android 8WDownload Specifications 8W Windows TabletDownload Specifications 10W Windows Tablet
Wi-Fi Phones

M-Phone VoIP Wireless Handset

Ya Batho’ M-Phone is a high-performance, industrial grade Wi-Fi phone, designed specifically for underground mining environments. The light-weight, ruggedized construction is IP-54 rated, explosion and water proof, includes dust screening and shock proofing, and can be used in extreme temperatures. The M-Phone supports “Push-to-Talk” and “One Touch SOS” functions as well as “Offline Communication” which can be used when no network infrastructure exists.

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